oh, I forgot!


I finished this back in June but totally forgot to blog about it. This is a (crocheted) cape and leg warmers for a baby, suitable for 0-12 months old. A friend of mine who I knew from high school recently had a beautiful girl and this is for her. At the time I was making this, I didn’t know the gender of the baby, so I chose yellow green and white so that they would fit either a boy or a girl. The cape turned out too cute for a baby boy against my intention (in my opinion), though. But she had a baby girl, so it’s ok! Later, she told me that her baby looks real pretty in this cape. She even requested more hand knitted (crocheted) items! I’m glad to hear that:)

the pattern comes from baby clothing & accessory sets (ベビー服とこもののセット)by Mariko Oka. Elsewhere, I saw a handmade cape for a baby and found it really cute. I wanted to make one myself. So, I specifically looked for a book that had a pattern for a cape for babies or children when I was back in Tokyo a few months ago. this book has in fact two cape patterns with a few variations in it, and I love them all. I was going to make one for my 2 year old nephew, but Mr. J said that that’d be too “Little Red Riding Hood”-y for a boy. Is it? Maybe.

The book has lots more cute patterns for baby clothing and accessories and I’d love to make more out of this book.




パターンは、岡まりこさんの「ベビー服とこもののセット」から。前にどこかで、子供用にケープを編んでいる方がいたのを見て、かわいい!私も作ってみたい!と思い、以前、里帰りしたときにケープが載っている本を探して、購入しました。ほんとは2歳の甥っ子にも編もうと思っていたんだけど、Mr. Jに、男の子には赤ずきんちゃんっぽすぎるんじゃない?と言われ、却下。やっぱりそうかなぁ?



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  1. Junoさん、お元気?


    • miyayoさん。



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