herringbone mittens

It’s getting colder and colder, and I’ll be having a “real winter” for the first time in many years very soon. I’d been living in a place with only a mild winter for past several years (sometimes you can even see some people wearing short sleeves and flip flops in the daytime of normal winter! – though it does look a bit too cold for me), so I need to get ready to survive winter. for a start, I made these herringbone mittens. These are really pretty. Once you ‘see’ the pattern, it was easy to establish the pattern.

I’ve never made mittens before, so I don’t know if the way the tip of the mittens is decreased is standard, but I wasn’t crazy about it. Also, if I make another pair, I’d make the cuffs tighter and longer. I saw other people made the cuffs using the two colors of the body, which look real cute. I wish I had that idea before I made mine;) Other than that, I love my new mittens! The stranded yarns at the back of the mittens make these even warmer, too.







2 responses to “herringbone mittens

  1. ヘリンボーン可愛いですね


    • 紫音さん


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