Y’s hoodie

wafer hoodie frontwafer hoodie back

I made this a while ago for my nephew Y, though I didn’t have a chance to properly introduce it here.  This is Necco Wafer Hoodie from Twist Collective Spring 2009. As is well known for people who have looked for a cute pattern for boys, it is really hard to find cute boyish patterns, though there are tons of cute patterns for girls. This, however, is cute and looks great on my nephew.

I didn’t realize that a 4 year old size sweater is pretty big;) (my nephew is actually 2.5 years old, but there was no sizing for 3 years old.) I got a bit bored with the stockinette in the body. It was nevertheless fun to knit and to think about the color combination. I’m sure it’ll knit up really quickly if one chooses a smaller size.


少し前に完成していたのですが、報告が遅れました。Twist Collectiveというオンラインのknitting magazineの春号から、Necco Wafer Hoodieです。これも甥っ子のために作ってみました。かわいいのがたくさんの女の子用パターンに比べて、男の子のパターンってかわいいのを探すのが大変ですが、これはかわいくなりすぎずにかわいい☆甥っ子にも良く似合っていました。



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