cabled vest

As soon as the autumn atmosphere hit the shop displays, I felt like wearing a traditional style cabled vest. I don’t normally wear a vest, so I decided to make one myself. Searching Ravelry for vest patterns, I found a few cute vest patterns. But this time, I had fairly specific criteria for my vest – the cable has to be simple but not too simple:), the overall construction has to be traditional looking, but it cannot look like a school girl’s vest, etc. The closest pattern to my image that I could find was this Ticuna vest from Berroco Free pattern.

Here’s my FO:

ticuna vest front

(the actual colour is more grassy green than the yellow-ish green pictured)

I love this! This is what I had in my mind when I felt like wearing a vest. To be honest, I wanted to go for a V-neck, but after all, this is good. The simple but not too simple cables were really fun to knit. I was worried about the shaping, as there’s only one decrease at the back for the waist and there’s none at the front for the XS-size. But it fits me well.

Here’s the back:

ticuna vest back

To make it suit my taste better, I made the vest longer, and made the neck area wider. Here’s how I modified the pattern:

Length at the back: after the 3×3 rib, I added 2 1/2″ stockinette rows before the shaping. This means the total length before shaping armholes becomes 15″.

Length at the front: since there’s no shaping for the XS size, simply knit the front 15″ until the armhole shaping.

Neck: started neck shaping right after the armhole shaping (i.e. no work even rows). after the first 4 sts bind off for the neck, worked 0.5″, then bound off 3sts, worked 0.25″, then bound off 2sts. Followed the pattern from here.

I wish I made the armholes bigger though. The edging makes the armholes smaller. They are wearable, but considering that the vest will be worn over something, it would’ve been better if the armholes were a little bit bigger.

Now the matching scarf is on its way!

秋の気配がしだした3月終わりか4月初旬位から、急にトラディッショナルなスタイルのケーブルが入ったベストが着たくなりました。普段、ベストはあ まり着ないんですけど、秋物ファッションでトラディッショナルなスタイルが流行っていたせいなのかなんだか、着たくなったら思いは止まらず、せっかくだか ら1着編んでみることにしました。

Ravelryを、 「ベスト」をキーワードに探してみると、イメージに描いたものとは違うけどかわいいベストがたくさん。そちらに気を取られつつも、今回は、トラディッショ ナル、シンプルだけどシンプルすぎないケーブル、できればV-ネック、を念頭に探し、一番イメージに近かったBerrocoのTicunaを選びました。今回は、ダウンロードできるならお金を払ってもいいつもりで探したんだけど、幸いこのパターンは無料でした。秋のファッションとか言って、手持ちの糸で作ったので、全然秋色じゃないですが(苦笑)実際の色は、写真で写っているよりもう少し緑がかっています。







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