beaded hat

odessa is finished!

odessaodessa back

I love this hat very much! I have wanted to try beaded knitting for a while. Since I do beading sometimes, combining the two of my favourite crafts has appealed to me so much. but at the same time, I thought it would be difficult and complicated, and I didn’t try it for a long time.

it turns out that, although sliding beads while knitting is a bit painstaking, beaded knitting is real fun! I will definitely incorporate beads into my knitting more in the future, whether or not the pattern involves beads.

南半球のこちらはすっかり秋模様です。そろそろ毛糸の帽子の出番だわ、と思ってクローゼットを覗いてみたら、以前編んだ帽子の大半を、引っ越しのと きに、ホームレスや貧しい子供たちに洋服を寄付する団体に寄付してしまっていて、実は自分がかぶれる帽子がないことが判明。急遽、帽子を作ることにしまし た。



ちなみにこの帽子、指定の糸とパターンに伸縮性があるので、できあがりは51-58cmの頭にフィットすると書いてありましたが、違う糸(アクリ ル)を使ったのと、モデルの写真がなんか小さそうだったのとで、針を1サイズ大きいもの(本体は4.5mm、リブは4mm)を使いました。これで日本人普 通サイズの私の頭にはちょうどよくできあがったと思います。


below is an illustration of how I did BK1 – knit a bead into a stitch:

bead step 1

step 1: string all the beads that will be used for the pattern (the odessa pattern calls for about 110-150 beads) before start knitting


bead step 2

step 2: knit to the stitch where you’d like to add a bead


bead step 3

step 3: put the yarn in front and slide a bead close to the stitch


bead step 4

step 4: slip the next stitch onto your right needle


bead step 5

step 5: take the yarn to the back (keep your tension)


bead step 6

step 6: knit (or however the pattern says) to the next position where you’d like to add a bead


this may be not the best way to add beads. in fact, this is different from the instruction in the odessa pattern. but I thought the bead sits well in this method.

happy beaded knitting!


2 responses to “beaded hat

  1. Am visiting your site at Donna’s suggestion. She’s right! You are very talented. Your scarves are beautiful, and the Odessa hat is sensational. I am glad I ‘stopped by’. Much good luck to you.


    • Hi Lynne, thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you enjoyed my knitting projects. I’ll keep knitting on, so please come again:)

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