Leyburn Socks

While i was knitting away the hearts and flowers shawl, i found out that the deadline for these socks was extended. So, i finished the second sock quickly:


these are Leyburn socks. i knitted these for the spring KAL organized by the vegan socks group on Ravelry. By the time i finished the first sock, I got really busy and i couldn’t really go on to the second sock. i was also behind catching up with reading blogs and forums. so, i gave up making it for the deadline. i thought i would complete them when i had time.

but i made it!

here are some close-ups:


the yarn is Maizy, news colorway.

i’m so happy that i found this pattern. i purchased this yarn not knowing what i could do with it. i was so curious to see how these loud combinations of colours would knit up. i could’ve knitted plain stockinette socks, but i wanted to do something more. looking through the project pages of this pattern on Ravelry, i found a few socks that used varigated yarns and i liked them a lot. so, i gave this yarn a go.

i think it ended up alright. the lattice stitches can be seen clearly. actually, they broke down the crowds of loud colours and made them prettier, i think.

i changed the heels simply because i like the heels with heel flaps better. also, i used the needles one size smaller for the legs to fit my legs more snuggly.


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