spaceman and dog

it’s been raining a lot for the last few days. this is rather unusual here. we normally have clear sunny days, and last year we even suffered from drought. however, it is not the case for this year. these rainy days remind me of the rainy season where i used to live, which i don’t really like. it’s good that we don’t have to worry about the water supply, though.

anyways, this guy seems to have decided that he stays under a tree to avoid the rain:


this is a spaceman from ami-groovy world. and i made him on my husband’s request. i love when my husband wants me to knit something for him (or for his family). it makes me happy that my FOs can make him happy. especially this time, we went to a craft shop together and had him choose yarns and the beads for the eyes – yarn shopping with my husband! i enjoyed this rare chance so much.

unfortunately, though, the spaceman ended up being smaller than expected (about 20cm). i used 4-ply yarns and a 2.5mm hook. maybe i should’ve used a litter bigger hook. Or even 8-ply. But other than that, it was great and my husband liked it a lot.

also, i accidentally bought a tube that was a little bit too small for the eye beads we’ve chosen. my husband somehow managed to put them in the tube, and this made the edges bumpy.  i kind of like this way better, although they are smooth in the original pattern.

the second amigurumi to show today is this dachshund:


this is from daisukina amigurumi. i used 4-ply yarns and a 2.5mm hook at first. but it was getting bigger than i would have liked. i wanted to have a tiny dog that could be placed on an office desk (as this was a gift for a work-related person). so, i switched to a 1.75mm hook, and made him small enough.

posting these cute guys made me feel like making more amigurumis:)


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