a few projects

apres surf hoodie!!

this pattern was my love at first sight. i kept my eye on it since i saw this on the preview page of interweave knits. but living in Aus, i had to wait for the magazine to show up a while, then i got busy knitting christmas gifts, moving to a new house etc. though i finished this back in January, i couldn’t show this until now. but here it goes….

the back


the front


i had a bit of difficulty in keeping the lace pattern while increasing and decreasing for shaping (i hate math….) but it was really a fun knit. i didn’t do very well on the shoulder seaming, but still it’s definitely wearable, and i love it.

in fact, when i finished this, it was summer here, so i didn’t have a chance of wearing it. but then a few weeks ago, i had to go back to japan for a while. it was winter there, so i brought this sweater with me. it was a huge hit among my family! i heard my family’s and relatives’ oohs and aahs, and honestely felt good:)

now that chilly seasons are coming up here pretty soon, i get to wear this again.

my current projects:

hearts and flowers shawl:

on Feb,


which has grown to this at the end of march


it’s got these cute heart motifs


i just looove heart motifs. because it is just so fun to knit, i’ve been basically working only on this project. the start of this project was hard though. you’ll start this from the edge, which means 1155 rows of 5 sts to make 578 ridges!! thankfully, it decreases quickly to become a manageable size.

so, working only on this leaves another WIP on hold, which is


leyburn socks.  i fnished one scok before the shawl became too fun to put down. maybe i just should finish up the second sock….


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