purple bear

loooong time no see! it’s not that I was too busy to blog or I haven’t knitted for a while, but it’s just that we didn’t have Internet at home>_<. we’ve moved to this place in January and we realized that we didn’t have a telephone cable. it looks like that when one of the previous tenants renovated this place, the telephone cable was physically cut off (accidentally or intentionally – who knows?) and that little outlet box thing for a telephone cable was removed. as always, the real estate people were so slow fixing this problem, and it took us more than a month to install a new telephone cable and to get us back online! it’s ridiculous….

anyways, enough complaining….

the FO I’d like to share in this post is this little purple bear hiding behind plants:


I made her for my friend’s birthday. she adores soft toys and dolls. it turned out that she loves purple as well. I’m so glad that this little purple bear went to a nice lovely home:)

the pattern was from a Japanese amigurumi book called daisukina amigurumi, something like “my favorite amigurumi”. the original has a few more sewen decorations on her. unabling sewing myself, I opted for simpler clothing with a little knitted ribon and knitted pocket. pretty fun to knit and it was a real quick knit.



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