A Fawn in the Ami-Groovy World


this is a fawn from Ami Groovy World: Miyuki Kawai’s amigurumi book. This books is a super cute collection of Miyuki Kawai’s work, who, according to the book, unfortunately passed away in 2005. She still looks very young in her picture in the book, though. You can see how unfortunate it was by looking at her work in this book. Not only are they cute, but also the book has unique amigurumis such as robots, spacemen, snake scarves, etc.

First off, I’ve tried this fawn, which was also featured in the front page. I made this for my mother-in-law for her Christmas present. I put a red ribbon to make the fawn a bit more christmassy. Here’s the close-up.


the fawn can stand up because wires are inside the body and the legs. Throughout this book, Miyuki Kawai uses a lot of wires, beads and tubes for her creative designs. It’s very eye-opening and fun to make. I’ll probably make a few more projects from this book. Stay tuned!

The book, however, contains only minimal instructions for the projects, and I figure that it is not for the beginners. I would recommend this book for those who already know the basics of amigurumi (though, it is not the most difficult thing, I suppose).


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