simple men’s sweater

a sweater completed! this is for my husband. i was going to give this for his birthday in June, but i ended up giving something else, so i took a little time off from this sweater. this will be his Christmas present though. until then, it has to be hidden in a safe secret place:)

the pattern is from a Japanese book called 彼に贈る定番メンズニット (something like everyday/classic sweaters for him). there are 20 sweater patterns in the book – all men’s. very nice.

my husband said that some patterns were too elaborated for him as he likes really simple sweaters (like the one I knitted). But for men who wear sweaters with patterns and colours, all the patterns seem really wearable and fashionable. Even for my husband, I still like to knit a couple more sweaters from the book. And I’m thinking to knit a little more complicated one for my father.

i used the second time cotton yarn. personally, i don’t know if i like this yarn… i like its concept that it’s recycled cotton, given that growing cotton is bad for the environment. the yarn is really nice and soft, and nicely knit up. the color is nice. feel great to wear.

the only thing that bothered me was that its fuzz tickled my nose so badly when i wound up the yarn! i kept sneezing. my nose is really sensitive to fuzz and dust and stuff, so it probably won’t bother many people. and it didn’t happen when i was actually knitting. so, i probably use this yarn again. there are more pros than my itchy nose….

anyways, now that one sweater is off the needles, i started one for myself. here’s the swatch:

this is going to be an apres surf hoodie. i was going to use cotton yarn to make it as a nice cool summer sweater. but this acrylic yarn was on sale, $1.5 per ball! and the colour was exactly what i was looking for. i couldn’t resist it. so, my apres surf hoodie will be a between seasons sweater, i guess.


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