little shell and jasmine

here are two of my recent FOs. the first is fingerless gloves called Jasmine.

i made these for the KAL in the fingerless gloves group in Ravelry (a very fun group!). i enjoyed knitting these very much. it was fun to see the diamonds forming up row by row. also, i liked the thumb too. i used 3mm needles and have done shorter rows, and they fit my hands perfectly!

i so love making fingerless gloves:) now the group is talking about the next KAL/CAL for August. i can’t wait to see what’s coming up, and to knit or crochet another pair if i like the next pattern.

the next is little shell socks from sensational knitted socks. these are the second pair from this book, and my first attempt for a toe-up sock. i used the easy toe method in the book and it was indeed easy. some people seem to have a definite preference for toe-up or for top-down, but personally i like both:) but i think i like the socks with heel flap rather than with short-row heels like these.

the only problem i had with these socks was that the bind-off was too tight;) i can still wear them but it is hard to turn the heel. so i searched the net for a looser bind-off and found this method from wendy knits:

Knit 2, slip these 2 sts back to the lefthand needle, k2tog, *k1, slip 2 sts on righthand needle back to the lefthand needle, k2tog*. Repeat from * to *.

i’ve tried this with the swatch for my next sock project, and it does seem looser than the usual bind-off. i like it:)

the yarn is panda cotton from crystal palace, 55% bamboo, 24% cotton and 21% elastic nylon. i love this yarn very much:) very nice to knit and very comfortable to wear. i love their colorways too. it’s actually hard to decide which one to get:) this colorway is called tulips. very pretty.


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