little teddy

my latest FO: osuwari kuma (‘sitting bear’ in Japanese).

last time i was back in Japan, i was so excited about buying cute knitting books. it was only after i came to here Australia when i became addicted to knitting. i had done a little, but not much. so i didn’t realize that there were so many cute knitting books in Japan.

unfortunately, though, i couldn’t find books that matched my taste this time. one of the reasons is that it was the beginning of summer when i was there and most books were about these delicate summer lacy knits, which weren’t what i was looking for exactly. but i managed to find some cute amigurumi books. here’s one of the books i got:

あみぐるみでゆるり (amigurumi de yururi)

The title reads amigurumi de yururi, basically meaning like ‘slow down/chill out with amigurumi’. it’s got both crochet and knitting amigurumi patterns, and they are cute! in addition to animal toys, there are donut cushions, mushroom accessories, acorn objects etc. two of the patterns even have step-by-step instructions.

the sitting bear at the top of this post is from this book. this bear is about 20cm (8″).

sadly, i didn’t do a very good job here…..i used some (apparently) chunky yarn in my stash, but i don’t think i generally handle heavier yarn very well (nor i enjoy it as much as other weight yarns).

anyways, it’s always fun to knit toys. i’ll try other patterns in the near future. also, i’ll knit other toys from the other amigurumi book i got during this trip in a short moment.


2 responses to “little teddy

  1. Your creations are so cute! I love them!

  2. thanks:)

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