cabled fingerless gloves

i have to admit that i hadn’t realized the usefulness of fingerless gloves until recently. i always thought that without covering the fingers, the hands would be still cold, thus no use of fingerless gloves. so, while acknowledging their cuteness, i have never attempted to knit a pair.

a few days ago, however, the temperature where i live dropped dramatically, and my hands were shivering while i was working through my thesis. i couldn’t work! so, i put on my gloves, but then i couldn’t type well when my fingers were fully covered. then it finally struck me: i need fingerless gloves!

i quickly looked through Ravelry to find a pattern for fingerless gloves. because this was sort of an “emergency knitting”, i needed a pattern for which i could use yarn that i already had and a pattern that was free (no time for buying), and of course, cute. and found this cabled fingerless gloves (also dowloadable from Ravelry).

the pattern was easy to knit and very cute. i did change the size a little bit by knitting fewer rows of the ribs and the body. i thought my hands were big but the gloves seemed even bigger. so, i used smaller size needles (size 4) and adjusted the row numbers while working on these. according to the comments on Ravelry, some people casted on fewer stitches to adjust the size as well.

now my hands are warm, so i can type and knit (of course!) in this chilly weather.


2 responses to “cabled fingerless gloves

  1. They are adorable in pink and white!! Love them.

  2. thanks! and thank you for designing this great pattern. it was a truly fun knit.

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