blue elephant

recently, I had a chance to visit my family in japan, that includes my baby nephew! here’s what i knitted him for this occasion. this is little blossom [Ravelry link] from simply knitting magazine 29. but if this issue is not available for you, there’s a special issue of Alan Dart’s toy patterns including this little blossom, which i saw a couple of weeks ago at a newsagent.

my intention was to make a boy elephant. for that i was going to alter the A-line skirt in the original to a flatter T-shirt style and was going to make a hat or something instead of the flowers on the head in the pattern.

however, no matter how flat the clothes was, it only looked like a skirt when it attached to the bottom. so, i gave up. his ears were also in the way for putting a hat on the head, so i gave this up too. i thought it’d be real cute if this elephant had a beanie or a baseball cap, but too bad…..;)

the only thing is that his nose seems a little bit too large for him even after i took some stuffing out. but anyways i think he was really cute! and my nephew seems to like him too!

finally, here are some bonus photos taken in japan.

modern japan (shibuya) and old japan (Hie shrine) in Tokyo

a theme park that reserves an old japan, and Mt. Fuji

a gorgeous japanese style breakfast in a japanese style hotel (“ryokan”)


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