from mobile accessories to stitch markers

i have lots of these mobile accessories.

hello kitty mobile accessories

i love hello kitty and have collected these (and millions more!) over time. some of them are not just cute accessories. each prefecture in japan and even some countries have their own ‘local kitty’ that represents what they’re famous for. for example, the cherry kitty in the picture represents Yamagata prefecture in Japan, which is famous for cherries! if i remember correctly, i think Australia has koala and kangaroo kitty:)

so, every time i travel somewhere and find a local kitty, i buy one. sometimes, my friends give me one when they travel. and now i have too many of these to put them in my mobile, keys, camera or whatever they fit!

while i absolutely adore them, i didn’t know what to do with them anymore. just keeping them in a box seemed a waste to me.

then, this idea struck me. i can make stitch markers out of them! i do need a lot of stitch markers. and i want to have cute ones.

so, with a plier, i took apart the string and the ring that connects the string, the bell and the hook that is attached to the kitty.

taking out the string, the bell and a ring

and attached a jump ring to the hook. Voila!

hello kitty stitch markers

some types of accessories had actually two rings, so all i needed to do was to take apart the string, the bell and one ring (i.e. no need of attaching a jump ring).

although i don’t think it’s economical to buy a new mobile accessory just to make a stitch marker, i think this is a good way of making use of already-too-many-accessories.

now i have a good excuse to collect local kitties:)kitty on socks


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