2 FOs

Finally finished my summer wheat tank!

summer wheat tank

I started this tank way back so that I could finish it by summer (I’m in the southern hemisphere by the way). However, with Christmas and Valentine’s Day in between, it took me so long and now technically autumn is approaching:(

The weather here has in fact been a bit weired, and this summer wasn’t summer-like at all. Luckily for my tank, though, the temperature has finally risen up for a few days. So, I guess I can enjoy my tank!

The yarn used is bamboo/cotton blend and very comfortable to wear. It’s rather silky. The tank looks a bit wide when it’s flat but it follows the bodyline nicely.

The original pattern actually had a wrap at the front part, but I skipped it because I wanted to have a simple bamboo tank. But the little lace on the shoulders makes a good accent on this simple tank. Here’s the shoulder part:


The shoulders are much shorter than the original.

The second FO is a bridal garter, which I’m calling ‘something blue garter’, for my best friend who’s getting married in May. It’s crocheted.

something blue garter1something blue garter2.jpg

I actually finished this a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t uploaded these, though, because it was a surprise present for her. Now that I linked this blog to my other blog (Japanese), I couldn’t take a risk of ruining a surprise:) But she received this now, so I can post the pictures!

The yarn is cotton. The pattern is from Knitting September 2007. The original was white but I wanted to add blue to give something blue to her. In addition, her favorite color is pink. We don’t have this custom of ‘something blue, new…..’ in Japan. So, I thought it’ll be fun to introduce such ideas. To my relief, she likes it very much!


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