my first lace

this year i have decided that i’d challenge myself by trying lace knitting. so i joined the secret of the stole ii knit along (KAL). here’s my progress up to hint #1.

SOTSii hint #1

i have to admit that i’m waaaay behind:) the current hint is as far as #5, and i’m in the middle of hint #2.

one reason for this delay is because i was actually going to give up. when its swatch instruction was up, i was quite busy (we were moving to a new apartment), so i couldn’t really try out the swatch. i figured, though, it was ok because i was determined to use this yarn from my stash in any case.

about a week after hint #1, my daily routine became pretty settled. so i finally started the stole. it was rather smooth until about row 15. then, i realized a mistake, which i didn’t want to ignore. i was a bit annoyed but managed to go back stitch by stitch by stitch…. then, stitches stuck between the cable and the needle of my circular. i struggled a bit, then the needle broke!!

i gave up …. almost.

my husband somehow calmed me down. so i decided to give a final try. and now i’m onto row 105!! i do have a lot of mistakes (which i shouldn’t have ignored:)) and am still way behind. but i love the design, and it keeps me going. i am going to have a beautiful stole in a few weeks!


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