happy valentine’s day!

i have been secretly knitting slipped stitch rib socks (from sensational knitted socks by Charlene Schurch) for a valentine’s gift to my husband. and i completed it (yay)!!

slipped stitch rib socks.jpg

i was worried that i wouldn’t be able to finish this. since i wanted this to be a surprise gift, i could only knit while my husband was away. i completed the first sock only a week ago, which means i had only a week (with limited time in a day) for the second sock! (by the way, i’m not a quick knitter) however, to my relief, the second sock went really smoothly, and actually finished two days ago. perhaps because i understood the pattern fairly well on completion of the 1st(?) (FYI: the heel and the toe are double stranded)

the yarn is maizy from crystal palace (bittersweet colorway), which is partly made of corn fiber. it’s amazingly comfy to wear and appears to be warm as well. the only problem of this yarn is that it becomes a bit splitty once frogged. when you make mistakes, go back a few stitches or a row, then suddenly the yarn starts to act crazy:) but, other than that, it is a nice yarn to knit with, and i’d love to use this again! (well, i have a couple in my stash already)

mr.J (my husband) loves the socks too (yay!). he only likes dark solid color with simple pattern, so bittersweet with slipped stitch rib was a good combination. i really like the sensational knitted socks book. there are still more patterns that i think he’ll like (i.e. simple) but are interesting for me to knit as well as more complicated patterns that i’d like for myself. in fact, i’ll start the ‘yarn over cable’ socks next. though i don’t know when it’ll finish, as i don’t have a due date for this project:)

anyways, happy valentine’s day! i’m going on a nice dinner date now…^^


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