first FO in 2008

my first FO in 2008 is a miniature cowichan cardigan. i fell in love with the pattern at first sight:) this is great for my representative ms. panda!

cowchan on panda

this was a very fun project to knit and relatively a quick one as well. this amount of colorwork was great to learn it. i think i should’ve used more contrasting colors, though. i just didn’t want to ruin the softness of pink of the main color (which is also why i skipped some of the colorwork at the back).

although it was fun, i had a hard time adjusting the size for my panda. especially, she has a strange proportion of front and back because of her fat arms and strange shoulders. some parts of the instruction were hard to read for me, but maybe because i had to adjust sizes. i don’t know. anyways, it was fun, and i’m glad the way it fit on panda as well^^

cowichan backcowichan back2


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